Sweet Pea
Sweet Pea

Dress  size 2 - 12;  Sundress size 2 - 6:  Skirt size 2 & up

This twirly, spirally skirt, sundress, or dress is sure to please big and little girls alike.  There is lots of swirly fullness at the lower edge, but the upper edge is much narrower, eliminating bulk and creating a flattering silhouette.  Contrasting or coordinating fabrics can be used in alternate gores to accentuate the unusual lines of the skirt.  The skirt features a simple elastic waist, and can be made in any size, including women's, by adding more gores and increasing the length.  The little sundress neckline is slightly gathered, with a bias binding that extends over the shoulders and ties in back.  Ribbon bows at the shoulders add a touch of embellishment to the simple dress.  The empire-waist dress features a modified bateau neckline and tulip cap sleeves.  Both the sleeves and neckline are finished with a bias binding - a great place, along with the tied belt, to add another "pop" of color with a boldly contrasting fabric.

Frankie M. writes, "Just reporting on how pleased I am on how the dress pattern worked out for me.  I made the dress in a sz. 3.  I don't have a serger but had no problem with construction.  My little dgd acted like a princess after church and through dinner wearing it."

The best fabrics for these patterns are light to medium weight, without directional designs or nap.  Cotton batiste is great for the sundress, and quilting-weight cottons work perfectly for the skirt and dress; in addition, they are available in myriad colors and prints.  An older girl's or lady's skirt would be wonderful made out of a drape-y rayon. A serger is recommended for the construction of this spirally pattern, but is not necessary.

The bodice, sleeves, and skirt patterns for the Lilac, Baby's Breath, Rose, Honeysuckle, Sweet Pea, and Buttercup patterns are all interchangeable.































$ 16.00 per yard.

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