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I now teach three classes with Craftsy! I'm offering a 50% discount on all classes!

Heirloom Sewing More Classic Techniques Title Card

Heirloom Sewing More Classic Techniques


Heirloom Sewing Essential Techniques title card

Heirloom Sewing Essential Techniques


The Machine Embroidery Inspired Quilt

I hope you enjoy the classes!

I've started a blog!  So many events and experiences in my life are tied inextricably to garments, quilts, or other items I have stitched.  Come along with me as I re-visit projects old and new!

 For FREE instructions for this ruffle dress, and tips for shirring with elastic thread, contact me with your request.



free pattern from Susan Stewart For FREE instructions and embroidery design to make this bonnet, which matches the dress and free "Genevieve" pattern featured in Sew Beautiful, Issue 111, contact me. I will e-mail you and send both the embroidery design and the directions for the bonnet.  The dress pattern is available in the magazine only.  Photo courtesy of Sew Beautiful.


Kitties are so entertaining!  There is no place so wonderful as a sunny, open window!









And, of course, they help me with my sewing...Fluff checked out the inner recesses of "Gloria's Garden while I was working on it...









  and helps me with embroidering...










Stella checks out the fit in the case for my embroidery module...









And Fluff LOVES to shred the newspaper after we finish reading it (or before we read it, if she gets the chance!)  Sometimes she settles down for a nap in her shredded paper nest...




  Okay, I'm easily entertained!!!